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One of the most adorable subjects in this world is baby animals. And what can be more adorable than a baby cow? Well the answer is a baby cow in earmuffs, which just took over the internet. One adorable common thing actually, that has slipped past the world for far too long is how farmers clothe their little calves with specially designed earmuffs that protects and keep their ears warm from frostbite. 

In winter the adorable newborn babies need some extra help to stay warm during the winter as they are more susceptible to the cold. And not only are the earmuffs doing their work in keeping the baby cows’ ears warm but they are also super cute. 

Twitter user Rob N Roll shared adorable photos of the creative contraptions and their little models on Twitter which soon went viral reaching more than 300,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets. People around the world where overfilled with cuteness and mesmerised by the cute doe-eyed faces of the baby calves dressed in their colourful, hand-knitted earmuffs.

Some inspired by the creative act even asked in the comments for a pattern so they could make a few themselves. Others jokingly asked where they could get a pair for their own pets. One commenter did however helpfully highlighted a Wisconsin-based company called Moo Muffs which actually manufactures and distributes water-resistant nylon fleece versions of the earmuffs worldwide. 

Some initiative individuals even started getting into the new farm wear trend, which the world wouldn’t complain about if that means we get to see more adorable baby cows with cute earmuffs. 

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