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Date: 2018-09-25

Jenna Spesard speaks out about what it is really like living in a 165 square foot house.

Yes, there is plenty of videos's out on the internet about how great it is living 'tiny' such as downsizing and simplifying your life, freeing up your finances, fewer chemicals in your house, mobility and eco-friendly, however, Jenna is about to tell us all what it is really like, and apparently it STINKS...literally.

Here are her 10 pet peeves / least favourite things about living in a tiny home:

1) Although a small home is easy to clean, it's just as easy to get dirty, especially if you living with an animal.
2) Not everyone has a composting toilet, so not many people know how to use it, Jenna expresses how she has to explain to people who come over how to use it.
3) Making the bed when you don't have room to stand, it's even more difficult when the sheets have been washed and need to be put back on.
4) The Smells! Jenna tells us how cooking, putting on a bit too much perfume or if you have an animal like her dog who gets wet outside then comes inside the tiny house can make even your clothes smell
5) Having guests over is very limited, especially guests who stay over.
6) No room to grow because you are restricted by your trailer that you build the house on.
7) Limited by how much weight on the trailer axels, so everything that goes on or in your tiny home has be weight conscious.
8) Closet/ storage space is super limited.
9) Challenging legalities such as parking and insurance.
10) Scrutiny comes with living in a tiny house, some may see you as a hobo or dirty hippy so be prepared to live alternatively

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See the full video of Jenna Spesard and her tiny home below:

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