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Some towns attract big crowds for their incredible Christmas decorations, however, Ross Town in Pennsylvania is known for the Anti-Christmas decorations by Bill Ansel, the town Scrooge.

Bill didn't always sabotage Christmas, he was once a super jolly joyous man who loved celebrating the holiday by decorating his home and garden. That was until Pam, Bill's neighbour, asked him to 'tone it down' because she was having a family dinner and found Bill to be too festive. Ever since then Bill turned his Chrismas display into a mockery at the holiday, he now has a beheaded choir, a pissing Santa Clause that lights up, a hanged Micky Mouse and vulgar signs taking a stab at each individual neighbour.

One of the signs that Bill puts up annually with his mock decorations is a sign explaining why he now does what he does, " This display is dedicated to Ross Township, shame on you for destroying my display that brought so much joy and happiness to so many people."

Pam even goes as far as blaming Bill for her divorce with her husband. People have commented on the video saying " Should've just left the man alone in the first place. He was the main one trying to spread Christmas cheer around that dead-looking neighbourhood and you all gave him hell about it. So deal with it! You reap what you sow. You all are the real Scrooges, not him."

And: "Pam is a classic control freak. You have a nice Christmas display? That's too much for me. Change it. You have a different Christmas display? I'm having panic attacks over it, change it.
Bill is a petty legend. I am inspired."

I wonder if Bill will continue his Anti-Christmas tradition this year or return to his rightful jolly self!

Watch the video below for more on the story of Bill Ansell in Ross Town, Pennsylvania.

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