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Kihnu Island in Estonia is one of the most fascinating small towns in the world.

Home to just 400 people, Kihnu Island functions like one of the worlds few matriarchal societies, in this town the woman rule mostly everything. This is mainly because the men in the town are away most of the time fishing for the town's food.

Another of the world's most fascinating small towns is the one of Kamikatsu in Japan. It's unique for its no trash policy, the zero waste town has around 1500 people who have all adopted a recycling lifestyle. The concept started in 2003 when the town created the zero waste declaration which now has 45 categories for recycling materials such as Aluminium cans, steel cans, spray cans, metal caps, clothes, wooden products, fluorescent lights and much much more. The people of the town say it has given them a new sense of appreciation and a different way of thinking about trash.

Watch the video below for 5 of the world's most fascinating small towns below.

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