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From growing teeth inside the brain to strange elongated faces, we bring you amazing medical stories you wouldn't believe these people went through.

One of the more bizarre was a case in 2014 involving a 4-month-old Maryland boy who was put through a brain scan after doctors noticed his head was growing faster than normal for infants his age. The doctors discovered a brain tumour containing teeth-like structures, the baby underwent surgery on the brain tumour where doctors found several fully formed teeth inside.

It was later discovered the teeth found inside were supposed to be in the lower jaw. This brain tumour, known as Craniopharyngioma, can grow to be larger than a golf ball but doesn't spread, however, doctors have never seen teeth forming inside these type of tumours or any other type of a tumour before. The only scientific study that could connect any dots was that of the specific Craniopharyngioma brain tumour that is now known to develop from cells that make teeth.

The boy who underwent this surgery fully recovered but will receive hormone treatments for the rest of his life as a consequence of a tumour destroying connections in the brain that send hormones through his body.

See the video below for more bizarre medical stories you may not even believe are true.

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