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Adorable Lyla has always been one of the sweetest pups and has always shared joy in this world, despite despite being blind and deaf. And is is more than capable of recognising the people she loves most. Even though she can see or hear their presence, for sweet Lyla, their love is in the air.

Lyla's dad, who she loves most of all, Mark Reed shared proof of just how lovable she can be. Reed decided to set up a chair in the backyard where Lyla was busy doing her daily pup exploring. Though Layla couldn’t see or her dad’s being there, his presence didn’t go unnoticed for too long.  All it took was one happy sniff from a distance away, and she knew he was there. The exact moment she smelled his presence, her heart was filled with joy and excitement.

After catching her dad's scent, adorable Lyla started jumping happily around and chasing the scent while wagging her tail uncontrollably. The moment she reached her dad she couldn't stop asking for some pets and attention and was overjoyed with his affection.

Watch the sweetest reaction Lyla had here on TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@markreed2009/video/6909591251830525190?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

Even though it might likely a scene that plays the same for Lyla's family, it doesn't take away from the uniqueness in her heartwarming reaction.  At the end what matters the most is that Lyla has the sweetest love for her family you loves her just as much.

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