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ESPN sportscaster Scott Van Pelt, recently decided to go another route than their usual content on his show, One Big Thing. In a recent airing Van Pelt discussed a matter closer to his heart and shared a heartwarming tribute to his family’s beloved dog, Otis who recently passed away.

Van Pelt decided to dedicate an emotional segment in his beloved pup’s honour to share the great story of Otis’s life and let the world know what a good dog he was.  Sharing a bit if his life, Van Pelt describes how sweet Otis always came running to greet him at night after a long days work. Otis brought Van Pelt tremendous comfort and joy just by seeing the dog's wagging tail and feel his cheerful, loving presence.

And how, now that Otis is gone, that's one thing he'll miss most of all.

"After the show tonight, I’d rather drive all the way from D.C. to the Pacific Ocean, instead of taking a short ride home, where I’m going to sit in the dark waiting for my Otie boy," Van Pelt added.

Van Pelt tearfully delivered the heartfelt tribute to sweet Otis, and touched millions of other pet owners who has ever loved a pup and who could relate. It is hard losing something that has brought so much love and joy to you without seeking anything in return. And perhaps none are more true than what Van Pelt said: “Nothing we do could earn what our dogs give away to us for free.”

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