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Upon their visit at a national park in South Africa, Dieter Muller and his wife met someone very unique when the mysterious little visitor decided to drop by. Muller’s wife first noticed the strange creature and called out to him.  “I could hear from the urgency in her voice it was something special,” said Muller. 

Muller immediately went to grab his camera. He moved closer to get a closer look at the very unique bug of some kind. His body had a tree-like texture, clearly designed to camouflage him against branches or tree trunks. However the spot he picked that day made him easier to spot. If you looked closely off course. 

"It was out of its camouflaged environment, which was the only way we'd ever see it," Muller said. But the tiny master of disguise clearly looked shocked being noticed by someone. Looks like Muller and the tiny bug were  both suddenly struck with a feeling of wonderment. "He was equally curious about this human. You could see it turning its head to look at me and follow my movements." Muller believes that the tiny bug might belong to the praying mantis family. Muller has been struggling to find the exact species, despite an extensive search on the internet.

"My first thought was that it's a Bark Mantis, but it doesn't quite seem to look the same, so not sure at the moment," Muller said. Though both the bug and Muller were both curious about one another, the bug ended his mystery not long after, and decided to end the visit.

"It got bored and flew off into a nearby tree, and I totally lost it because of its amazing camouflage. It's still amazing to think there are still animals or insects out there that are so rare that people aren't immediately sure what they are! Even with Google around!"

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