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Optical Express recently conducted a very interesting experiment, and if you are a fan of optical illusions then this is for you. 

Looking at the above image. What colour do you see, blue or green? For some people the answers may seem cut and dry, however you might be surprised that people’s answer differs.

Optical Express conducted a survey with 1,000 people. According to the results, 64% gave the answer green and 32% believed it was blue. To make it more interesting, Optical Express showed the participants the same colour placed between two others, which led to other results. The colour in question, which is labeled 2, was placed between two noticeably blue shades which then 90% of the participants responded that the colour was green.

You might wonder what the colour actually is. Well according to Optical Express, the RGB colour values are 0 red, 122 green, and 116 blue, which makes the colour in question indeed green. It's an interesting test that reminds us that colour is sometimes open to interpretation.

Stephen Hannan, Clinical Services Director at Optical Express shed some more light on the subjected and explained, “Light is converted to an electrical signal which travels along the Optic Nerve to the Visual Cortex in the brain. The brain makes its own unique interpretation of this electrical signal. It is not surprising that many respondents changed their mind when seeing the colour in contrast to the two blue shades, as we perceive an object’s colour based on a comparison to its surrounding shades, not on the actual colour itself.”

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