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If you have ever wanted anything like a wine cellar in your home, but space might be limited, there are other alternative ways to get what you want. A clever example of having limited space is by turning your staircase into a functioning wine cellar or storage. That is exactly what  Australian architect Murray Beryl created when he renovated his home. His staircase not only stores his 156 bottles of wine, but it also has a built-in thermometer to make sure everything is at the perfect temperature. This clever idea came from a ready-made drawer purchased at a hardware store and took him just a week and a half to implement. 

So what was the impetus for the idea? “I hate dead space when renovating my home because it basically doesn't cost money,” Beryl says. "So we thought of storing the wine in the staircase drawer instead of behind the atrium." An innovative plan allowed the client to bring that idea to life. The key was figuring out how all the bottles would fit and making sure the construction was strong enough.

Beryl had never built a wine storage staircase before, but once the details were worked out, everything went smoothly. In addition to the built-in thermometer, Beryl also ensures that the drawers are well-insulated. We are currently also considering adding a refrigeration unit to keep some bottles chilled. 

When Mr. Beryl shared the project on his  Facebook page for his company, it was clear that his wine staircase had many fans. One person commented: Some said, "Cheers to this idea! So clever!!" while others proclaimed, "Oh my God, that's a  stairway to heaven!" Given the popularity of this project, I have a feeling this won't be the last wine staircase we'll see. For reference, Beryl estimates that the entire project will cost about A$5,500 (about US$3,500) to complete.

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