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When the emergency services in Queensland, Australia, received a call from a group of kids stating that they spotted an animal on a nearby roof, they first thought that it was a hilarious prank seeing that the animal was said to be no other than a kangaroo. 

However, soon after the first call, the emergency services started receiving more calls regarding a kangaroo on a roof.  The fire department then decided to go and check it out. Upon their arrival they were shocked to realise that it was in fact real as the kangaroo sat on the rooftop staring at them. 

The fire department at other people in the area could not figure out how the kangaroo managed to get onto the roof in the first place. However once he was up there, he really didn’t seem all that bothered. Everyone else however was concerned for the animal and didn’t know if it was stuck or just minding his own business.

Paula Boon, one of the bystanders and co-owner of Paws Hoofs and Claws Inc., explained that, “We suspect he got a fright at some stage to end up on the roof. We do not know how long he had been up there. He didn't seem too bothered. He just sat there watching everyone.”

Seeing that no one knew since when the kangaroo has been on the roof, people became concerned that he might be dehydrated and hungry. However, once the fire department was aware of the kangaroo they quickly stepped in to help the kangaroo safely get off the rood and back to it habitat.

“Two fire brigade guys got up on the roof and slowly encouraged the 'roo off the back of the unit, which wasn’t as high, and he eventually cooperated and hopped off. He seemed to be OK, so we hope he went back to the hills.”

This was definitely an unexpected and new situation. Well maybe next time the fire department will know that kangaroos don’t mess around and when they are determined to climb a roof top they will.

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