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It's one of those things, everything has a lifespan. And when their time is up, what happens next? Well, here are 12 incredible abandoned vehicles and where they are now.

From planes to trains and automobiles, the past 100+ years has given humanity some incredible inventions. These modes of transportation developed rather quickly in the decades that followed their debut, and the rate of progress in the industrial age was astounding.

In their heyday, these manmade creations served their purpose with aplomb. Whether it be for transporting good across the country, people through the air or armies into battle across the seven seas.

Unfortunately, though, machines, too, have a lifespan. As industry moved forward, newer and better replacements came to the fore, relegating their predecessors to the annuls of history. But these vehicles, from boats to planes, cars and trains, didn't just simply vanish into the ether.

Instead, many of them were simply discarded. In the video below, we take a look at 12 situations of abandoned vehicles. Sometimes in enormous graveyards, and often it's a group of them from an era, like hundreds of military vehicles on a farm in Russia.

Others find their final resting place at the depths of the oceans. For instance, the enormous retired American aircraft carrier that was sunk on purpose. The USS Oriskany did service in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars, with its final call of duty as an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico.

Check out the video below by YouTube channel, Inforado, for these and more of the most incredible abandoned vehicles.

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