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San Francisco, also known for its growing technology and home to start-ups, has become a major destination for young professionals all over.

The 25-year-old marketing specialist, Lukas Yla, is a good example of unique creativity in the city. After moving to the city with the hopes to land his dream job, Yea soon realised that he had to think outside the box in the competitive field. And what better box than one filled with baked goods?

Yla cleverly disguised himself as a courier for Postmates, a food delivery service, and visited 40 prospective tech and creative employers delivering a box of donuts from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse. 

Each special delivery contained more than just delicious treats.  Yla’s resumé was cleverly taped inside followed by an explanation for his antics and a link to his Linkedin profile. While Yla had to leave some of the crafty parcels with reception, he was able to hand-deliver the majority of his goods to the intended recipients.

It appears that his clever way of thinking ‘inside’ the box was quite successful as he reportedly been offered 10 interviews.

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