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Some teachers are definitely superheroes as they go above and beyond for their students and change lives by inspiring, listening, and enlightening them. A teacher in Melbourne, Australia, showed her commitment to her students by creating a stuffed toy  inspired by her students' drawings. She gave them to the students at the end of the school year.

Reid Parker,  one of the lucky winners of the plush toy, shared his creations online and sparked praise for his teacher.

“There are teachers out there who do amazing things for their students that aren’t always as tangible as what my son’s teacher has done,” says Parker in a statement. “Just being an adult who listens to them can be enough to improve a kid’s life, or someone who is passionate about dinosaurs, or space, or art can jump-start a child’s imagination.”
Mysterious creatures are showing off the endless creativity of  elementary school students. From clawed, furry critters to round-eyed friends, teachers have beautifully translated what's on the pages into toys that kids will love for years to come.

Parker said caregivers started making plush toys in 2020 and delivered them to orphanages during the pandemic. Since her teacher paid for her stuffed toy out of her own pocket, her Parker's parents and her Good Samaritans turned to her Parker to find her way to help her. So he created her GoFundMe page where her people can show her support and thank her for bringing her joy.
“These people spend so much time with our children, we want to ensure they’re rewarded appropriately and not just thought of as glorified babysitters. There is certainly a difference in teachers’ pay between Australia and the U.S. but regardless, we need to ensure they’re paid enough so we can attract and keep the best of the best.”

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