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Suits take away who we are and allow us to be someone else, even if only for a moment. Although temporary, the feeling of freedom is worth it. Just ask Toru Ueda, who is an engineer from Tokyo and was looking for a way to not be human for a minute. He spent $23,000 on an incredibly realistic  wolf costume that covered him from head to toe. When he puts on the suit, he "no longer feels human" and has a chance to escape from our normal existence.

It can be  unconventional  to express  very human emotions, but Ueda's desire is understandable. “I am free from human relationships. All kinds of work-related problems,” he says. "I can forget them." He falls for his animal double. 
Ueda commissioned the Japanese company Zeppet to create a realistic wolf costume. He specialises in creating sculptures and models for the entertainment industry as well as mascots. 
The engineers wanted the suit to be as natural as possible and to walk  like a human. To make his dream come true, the client and  company exchanged 40 emails discussing details such as the coat's texture. 
 Unlike dog costumes, which an entire YouTube channel is dedicated too, Ueda resents wearing a wolf costume. He's not tired of it, and he's sharing it with his  friends over drinks at home. After all, he prefers escapades when he has more fun than everyday life.

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