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From bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs to 16th birthdays and coming-of-age ceremonies, many ceremonies are celebrated around the world. Japan has  Coming of Age Day, when those who turn 20 (or 18 in 2022) attend a ceremony at the local city hall and  women wear long-sleeved kimonos  called furisode. Twitter user Katorisenkouks decided to celebrate  with a snowboarding session that truly represented her personality. Her decision to wear her elegant kimono as she descended Mount Ueda has inspired many people across Japan.

The 20-year-old snowboarder said, “It was the coming-of-age ceremony! ! ! !” Video of speeding downhill at  Banshogahara Ski Resort in Takei City, Nagano Prefecture Most people return home for the festival, but she chose to spend the day there because of her deep connection to it. After that, she started working out at the age of 16 and has been training on the field ever since.

The original tweet went viral with over 330,000 likes and over 85,000 retweets. That reach inspired the young snowboarder to post more videos of her coming-of-age ceremony. This includes photos of her graciously riding a chair lift  to the top and posing in a kimono in the sun, as well as another video of her in action. . 
 Twitter users  filled her mentions with congratulatory messages praising her outfit and her amazing snowboarding skills. Katorisenkouks was even invited to appear on a Japanese TV show wearing the now famous red kimono. 

 It was the high point of her coming-of-age celebration, but snowboarding isn't her only passion. She calls herself an otaku and cosplayer, and even mentions that the ski resort is her favourite because it welcomes snowboarders. She also develops new artistic skills. “I study varnishing and painting,” she says. You can also earn commissions from your @sumire_morino account.

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