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Former NASA engineer and entertaining science vlogger Mark Rober is back with yet another challenging obstacle course for his backyard squirrel friends. After conquering his challenging obstacle course in 2020 and 2021, Rober decided to have his feisty sciuridae visitors race against one another in an event called the “Backyard Squirrelympics 3.0 – The Summer Games”.

“I gave up on trying to battle my squirrels… but what if they battled each other?”

The course consisted of seven distinct events, including a long jump, high jump, spinning balance beam, and pneumatic trap doors.  And as the previous olympics, Rober hilariously narrated the action each squirrel, Rick, Marty, Augustine, and Phat Gus.

“Phat Gus grew up in a rougher area of the neighborhood called hubcap Hills…without money to buy new things they  ere really good about repurposing whatever they could scavenge but what they lacked in material possessions they made up for in quality family time …Phat Gus’s sister Augustine and she’s the second member of Team hubcap Hills. …the other two contenders we have are Rick and Marty, who you know from the previous two years. But what you might not know is they grew up in Walnut Estates in a nice Japanese maple down the street.”

Coming to the final contest, Phat Gus and Marty had to go head to head in the famous high jump. Unfortunately for Phat Gus, he didn’t make it, however, Marty celebrated his victory after landing the high jump.

“I guess that means Marty gets the gold and that puts Walnut Estates to four gold medals making them the official winners of the Backyard games. So there you have it I mean you could see that they’re ecstatic and rightfully so. It was a hard fought and well-earned battle. Wait a second, I’m getting some breaking news. Stand by….”

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