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The British artist Sam Cox known as Mr. Doodle, really outdid himself with his latest project. After two years of hard drawing, 900 liners of white paints, 401 cans of black spray paint, 286 bottles of black drawing paint, and 2,296 pen nibs, Mr. Doodle managed to cover his entire interior and exterior of his house in his famous doodles. He has creatively captured the entire process in a two-and-a-half-minute stop-motion video. The videos takes us room for room as we see the creative transformation of his home.

“The whole house is real, everything was doodled, the doodles were all hand doodled.” To make the creative stop motion video, Cox had to use over 1,800 photographs. But, all the time and effort was worth it in the end. The animation has racked up over 15 million views on Facebook in just two weeks.

Mr. Doodle and his wife who is also obessed with all things doodle, will be moving into the doodle masterpiece and is hoping to extend the work into the garden in the foresee future.

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