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While enjoying his mountain climbing adventures at the rocky ridge on Mount Futago in the Saitama Prefecture of Japan, the climber experienced something very unexpected and thrilling.

While we are out in the beautiful nature enjoying ourselves, we tend to forget about the various possibilities of running into some dangerous paths, just like the case of this hiker. While making his way down, suddenly out of nowhere, a black bear came and attacked him from behind.

The climber fought back; from higher ground, he began screaming, kicking, and using a hammer fist in order to scare the creature and drive it away. It worked, and the bear eventually retreated.The entire incident was captured on the climber’s GoPro camera.

It is shocking to see that while calmly making his way down the mountain that the climber had to all of the sudden defend himself. However, it became clear why the bear attack. The climber wrote in a YouTube caption, “Looking back at the video, it seems that ‘she’ attacked to protect the cub.”

The climber watched the bears make their way down the mountain, and went back to its summit to rest and calm down. The brave climber then made his way back to safety with scratched and cut hands and a sprained wrist. But, it’s a small price to pay for making it back safe and sound.

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