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Roomba vacuums have been the new inspiration for some clever technological and engineering ideas. From Roomba’s that can curse when they meet the corners of your home, to Roomba’s who have now been upgraded to be the fastest Roomba in the world. Alister Laidlaw of electrosync took apart his Roomba vacuum and used 3D printing to put it back together, replacing the original parts with faster motors, electronics, and radio controls. After several tweaks, he built the “world’s fastest racing Roomba”.

“I used a 10 year old iRobot Roomba 630 and added some high tech motors, electronics and radio control gear to bring it all to life. I CAD designed and 3D printed parts in @3Dfillies PLA and PETG to fit all of the gear to the Roomba. It turned out to be a handful to drive, but very fast and a lot of fun.”

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