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This is pure gold! Magician and comedian, Eric Leclerc, confronts people who park like a jackass.

A pet-peeve that most of us have is a disdain for those who can't park their vehicle in the lines. Whether this is because they're useless at driving or simply because they're a jackass doesn't matter.

Fortunately, there are characters like Eric Leclerc in the world. He's a magician by trade but certainly has a hidden comedian under that Houdini cloak.

In his video below, he confronts these parking-failures with a variety of hilarious gimmicks to prove his point. Take the first one, for example. It's an outline of a tortoise with a crayon attached. It says, "Many three-year-olds have trouble staying within the lines. Maybe if you practice colouring this turtle, it will help with your parking." Hilarious!

Another winner is tying a shopping trolley to the handle of the offending car with cable ties. The accompanying note says, "PARKING. You're doing it wrong. I hope the rest of your day is as good as your parking job."

He has a bunch of others too, and the reactions of these jackass drivers are the best! Especially the lady who doesn't want to be embarrassed by her better half as he approaches the car. Her 'gift'? A bag of prescription glasses. The note with this one reads, "Hello! Please do the world a favour and try on all of these glasses until you start seeing the parking lines better... shame on you! #BadParkingPolice."

So, don't go anywhere. Instead, hit that play button on the video below and have yourself a good old chuckle. And, if you're guilty of parking like a knob, better watch out, the Bad Parking Police are on the prowl.

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