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Yes, there are most definitely COVID-19 quarantine stereotypes, and you're one of them. Let's see where you land on the (very scientific) lockdown ladder!

It's safe to assume that being in lockdown sucks. Either, you're bored stiff of gaming all day, going insane because of your hyperactive kids or swamped with work because your boss has just discovered Zoom.

Regardless of your situation, the best medicine, always, is to have a laugh. Thankfully, the Dude Perfect champions know how to help you do just that. This is their hilarious take on COVID-19 Quarantine Stereotypes, and it's a sure bet that you'll find yourself on this list.

1) The Home Office

Many companies nowadays can operate with their workforce working remotely, which is fine if those people are at home by themselves. But throw in needy children, a spouse who isn't also working, and a menagerie of animals that all want your attention, and the home office environment turns into a nightmare!

2) The Binge Watchers

These are the people who are not a part of the essential services prescribed by the government, sitting on their couch and smashing through the plethora of movies and series on Netflix. With very little else to do, by week three, they are addicted to their streaming services and have given up on personal hygiene.

3) Safety Stanley

Preoccupied with avoiding the dreaded coronavirus that has millions of people in lockdown, the Safety Stanley's of the World will have every type of disinfectant solution available to keep their household free of COVID-19, to the point of it being an obsession.

4) The New Hobby Guy

Not one to ever find themselves bored, the New Hobby Guy will always find some way to pass the time. Whether it be a new-found love for building LEGO or wrenching on an engine, they'll find something to perfect. Heck, they'll even try their hand at the most left-field skills, like cracking a whip better than Indiana Jones!

5) Mr Homemade Mask

These are the people that find inventive ways to save themselves a few dollars by making their own masks. This is often both hilarious and sad at the same time, and these people inevitably end up going viral on social media with others of the same ilk. Honestly, is wearing a nappy on your face better than spending a few bucks on a mask designed specifically to fit your head?

6) The Online Shopper

If you're not the guy, then you know the guy. This is the person who always has a courier company parked in their driveway, offloading everything from groceries to kitchen appliances and toys to keep the kids occupied. These people are single-handedly keeping online companies in business.

7) The Quarantine 15LBS

Many of us inevitably thought the quarantine would be a great way to get healthy by eating right. The first few days are usually rather solid, consuming salads and vegetables, eating skinless chicken and drinking herbal tea. But this can't last forever, and by the end of the first week, it's all doughnuts, pizza and extra-large sugary sodas. By the end of quarantine, they're 15LBS bigger and can't fit into any of their pre-lockdown clothes.

8) The Conspiracy Theorist

Is it because of the 5G cell-tower installations, or is it because China wants to take over the global economy? Our Conspiracy Theorist can explain his conclusion with 'hard facts' he found on the internet. Usually, from sites notorious for fake news or, ironically, from parody sites like theonion.com.

9) The Gamer

Dedicated to their online community of like-minded individuals, The Gamer will find any excuse to get a controller in their hands. They'll even go so far as to use the skills they've learned in Call Of Duty to sneak out of bed to binge all night with their teammates, Farook in Tunisia and Bruice in Oz.

10) Mr Home Gym

This is the person who will leave quarantine stronger and fitter than when they entered. Their home is a wet dream for exercise junkies, with everything you would use in a gym, from an exercise bike and rowing machine to a plethora of weights. They'll have buckets of wey protein powder too, and have subscribed to multiple home-fitness channels on YouTube. 

11) New Home-School Parents

Quite frankly, this is probably the toughest one, especially if these parents fall into any of the other categories too. It's not just that it's time-consuming to help your kids learn, but it's also because you've forgotten everything you learned at school, and if you went back now, you'd fail. And that includes parents of kids in the first grade. It's embarrassing, frustrating, and one of the reasons parents start drinking alcohol earlier and earlier every day of the lockdown.

12) The Hoarder

These were the first kind of quarantine stereotypes, and they came in all shapes and sizes. Their favourite? The extra-large pack of whatever they considered essential for lockdown. The Hoarder was made famous for their incredible trolley-full of toilet paper, stockpiling for an end-of-days scenario, and creating a global viral meme sensation.

These are just 12 examples of the COVID-19 Quarantine Stereotypes that the guys at Dude Perfect cover in this video. Other favourites include The TikTok Dad, Mr Instagram Challenge, The New Puppy Purchase and more!

One last stereotype for good measure, The Zoom Call, which inevitably is an exercise in futility. It's one thing to video call with your friends and family, but trying to have a conference call with colleagues is a nightmare. Inevitably, one has a poor connection, some are cracking jokes with each other, and another has a cacophony of noise in the background that will drain your soul.

Yes, COVID-19 is no joke, but following the rules to flatten the curve will help get us through this tough time. So, in the interest of making lockdown more bearable, please sit back for a few minutes and enjoy this video of COVID-19 Quarantine Stereotypes!

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