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If you are a Harry Potter die-hard fan, then these are for you, and if you are not – scoff- muggles.

Did you know there are eleven wizarding schools worldwide? Even though the Harry Potter we know takes place in the United Kingdom, there are seven other schools for witches and wizards you may not know about. These include the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic located in France, Castelobruxo in Central Brazil, Durmstrang Institute in Northern Europe, Ilvermorny in Eastern North America, Mahoutokoro School of Magic in Japan, Uagadou School of Magic in Uganda and Koldovstoretz in Russia.

These are the eight schools that have been revealed on pottermore.com whereas there are three more that are yet to be revealed by J.K Rowling.

See the video below for more crazy things you may not know about the Harry Potter Universe.

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