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Reincarnated as the iconic ICEHOTEL, winter envelops the Nordic countries and blankets the landscape in snow. This amazing landmark was established in 1989 and is situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, about 200 km (less than a quarter of a mile) north of the Arctic Circle. It's not just the biggest and first hotel in the world made of ice; every year, new ice installations and sculptures are unveiled, making it a work of art. The 34th anniversary of the ICEHOTEL will be commemorated in 2023–2024. 

32 artists from 14 countries convened at the location to transform ice blocks taken from the frozen Torne River in cooperation with the hotel's construction crew and creative director, Luca Roncoroni. The ICEHOTEL has a different appearance for each winter season.

This year, the building has 15 art suites, a main hall, and a ceremony hall. To prepare for the 34th edition, ice blocks were gathered and stored at an ice warehouse in Jukkasjärvi starting in the spring of 2023. The construction of ICEHOTEL 34 took a total of six exhausting weeks. 

The CEO of ICEHOTEL, Marie Herrey, says, "Once again, our international artists have created something unique and spectacular." "This year's art suites form an exciting collection of artistic dreams, expressions, and ideas, showcasing an incredible height of creativity."

She continues by describing the themes of nature and fairy tales that can be found in some of the ice installations. A couple of sculptures named Katt & Råtta by Tjåsa Gusfors and Hanneke Supply stand out among the many striking pieces of art. They show a gigantic rat hiding a block of cheese from a cat's glowing yellow eyes. 

ICEHOTEL 34 maintains its beautiful design while maintaining a steady internal temperature of 23°F, or -5°C. A portion of the hotel is open year-round for guests to explore some of the icy wonders, even after the winter season ends with the arrival of spring.

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