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Igor Loskutow, an award-winning master of chainsaw art, is an Estonian artist. He is a member of the Husqvarna chainsaw sculpture team, which is based in Germany and travels to events throughout Europe to demonstrate their cutting abilities.

The amazing dragon bench, one of Luskutow's most recent creations, is a masterwork of the medium. It's amazing to watch how the bench comes to be, with the head and tail of the imaginary animal curling around either side of the seat formed by its long body. The wings are particularly striking; one forms the backrest and the other sculpturally curves around the sides. 

Though this isn't Loskutow's first attempt at taming a dragon into a seat, his most recent creation is currently located next to a butcher shop. He carved the head of another dragon bench, this one made of wood with a reddish tinge, in the beginning of 2017.

The fiery redhead further displays the chainsaw artist's cutting prowess as it contrasts elegantly with the rest of the mocha-coloured bench. The benches serve as more evidence of why Luskutow was awarded the 2015 Huskycup World Title for his work, which included both larger cuts used to create the overall shape and extremely thin, soft lines. 

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