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Boat owner Rachel Strohl was continuing her day on board like normal when she noticed something very strange. After hearing a loud yell coming from downstairs, she went closer to investigate. That was when she discovered that her friend had crossed paths with an unexpected stowaway. It was a tiny octopus exploring the corners of the boar.

Strohl and her friend were both stunned and surprised to see him making his way down the hallway. The little fellow saw the boat and decided that it would be the perfect place to hitch a ride. But he was clearly unaware of all the commotion he would cause with his visit. Strohl was at first a bit confused as to how the 8-legged sea creature managed to climb aboard. However it didn’t take too long to figure out  as Strohl just followed the wet trail the little guy left behind.

Watch the video of the little fellow’s trail here: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/woman-finds-octopus-hitching-a-ride-on-boat

“He climbed up the side of the boat, in through a small porthole in my bedroom and made it all the way across the windowsill and down the hall to another bedroom.”

Once the octopus heard all the yelling, it soon became clear to him that this wasn’t exactly the quiet ride he was hoping for. But as soon as the captain scooped him up to take him back to the ocean where he belong, he was pretty thrilled. “I think he was pretty surprised by all of the commotion because he practically leapt from the captain's hands and jetted off immediately when he got back into the water.”

Watch the little octopus explore the boat here: https://www.thedodo.com/daily-dodo/woman-finds-octopus-hitching-a-ride-on-boat

It was clear from the yelling that no one on board expected to see an octopus that night, and too be fair, neither did the octopus expect to run into a group of humans. But at least he picked the right boat which landed him back into the ocean safely to further wonder the waters and maybe find another ride.

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