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It never comes to mind that you might be the stylist to a cute little frog or any animal that comes to visit. Chris Newsome found himself fashioning little hats for a little toad friend living under the porch of his home. 

Newsome didn’t think much of it when he first noticed the little friend on his porch one summer night. After noticing that the green friend is there to stay once the toad came back again and again, Newsome logically, like any other normal person would, concluded that he “needed a hat” and decided to “help the little guy out.”

Documenting his creative process on Imgur, he dded that “Foam paper seemed like a toad-friendly material.” Newsome created an adorable fabulous pink top hat for his little friend using the lightweight substance and a little glue. 

After he was done creating the perfect size pink hat, he notice that it still lacked a finishing touch. He then added a bright feather and monocle for the little creature.

But it didn’t stop there. Newsome used his creativity and kept with his unusual accessories and even created a baseball cap as well as a cowboy hat that's complete with a lasso for the little green friend. 

And what makes it even more adorable is that the amphibian friend was a good sport every single time, rocking the creations with a fashionable aloofness. However the same couldn’t been said about Newsome’s dog named Daisy, who looked skeptical by his handiwork and new hobby. 

Maybe Newsome can start his one line of dog and toad accessories line in the future. Who knows maybe there are more people out there with their unexpected visitors. 

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