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Celebrities are often trying to convince us mere mortals that they are just like us. Sure, we also have thousands of people watching us as we work, while the paparazzi taking photos of our every move.

Turns out, they might actually be normal, but only some of them and only when it comes to having a crush on another person.

Celeb Lounge recently compiled a video featuring footage of celebs and their reactions when they meet their crush.

Emma Stone has always dreamt of being a Spice Girl. The actress is such a massive fan of the British girl band that she started crying when an Australian radio station showed her a video message of Mel B saying hi.

Who knew the former first lady of the United States was also a massive Bradley Cooper fan?

Apparently, TV host Ellen Degeneres knew and, as one does when you’ve got access to all the famous people in the world, she organised a meeting between Michelle Obama and Bradley on her talk show.

This one had us in stitches! Emilia Clarke, the mother of dragons is a massive Friends fan. She once confessed to Joey being her celeb crush and next thing you know she’s sitting right next to actor Matt LeBlanc on The Graham Norton Show.

The Game Of Thrones actress was seen blushing bright red but managed to get her act together and even ask him to hit her with Joey’s famous line "how you doing?".

And just when you think Jack Nicolson couldn’t get any cooler, he surprises one of his biggest fans, fellow actor Jennifer Lawrence.

After winning her Oscar for Best Performing Actress back in 2013, the actress was in the middle of an interview backstage when Jack Nicolson casually interrupted and congratulated her on her award.

The actress was so overwhelmed that she freaked out, only to find out that Jack was still standing behind her.

Maybe they are human after all…

Watch the Celeb Lounge video below for more on celebs reacting like fans when they meet their own celebrity crush.

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