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As we all know, surprises comes in many different forms and sizes. In this case, it came in the form of a baby possum found somewhere you would never expect it - on the back of Sally Watkinson’s beloved dog. Watkinson was recently super surprised when spotted an Australian ringtail possum clinging onto her Puli dog’s back hair.

She shared the adorable encounter on her Facebook page and added what measures they took. She explained how her partner Jon scouted their area looking for any nearby wildlife rescue organisations. However failing to find any, he decided to take the dogs to a local vet to find help for the little possum baby. 

The vet knew just what to do, and not long after a wildlife rescue organisation came to picked up the baby female marsupial and placed it under their special care. According to her post, Watkinson’s dog Kato didn’t seem to mind having the little passenger on his back. And clearly her other dog Hugo, had no problems either as Watkinson added that he didn’t bark “frantically” at it.

Apparently Kato’s long corded coats is a source of comfort, seeing that just a day later amother baby marsupial, this time a male, found its way to Kato’s back. However, she noted that “this one was annoying him a bit more as it seemed to be digging in a bit,” but to her surprise, Hugo “was still ignoring it.”

This time the couple knew the drill and went back to the same vet to turn in the little fellow. “This time the vet nurse nearly fell off her chair when we turned up,” said Watkinson’s post.

Watkinson updated the public and said that both babies are doing well with their new wildlife carer. Meanwhile still not know exactly where the babies came from, the couple speculates that they probably lost their mother to a possum catcher.

In response to a comment on her post, Watkinson wrote: “Possum man has not returned calls regarding what happened to the mother, therefore, no opportunity to reunite and release.” 

According to a vet that the couple has consulted, marsupials such as the ones they had found usually have a litter of two to three. Watkinson is on the lookout if a third baby pops up, and if there is one hopefully it find’s its way to Kato’s back just like his/her siblings so that they can once again be reunited.

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