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Sport spectators and plays are not unfamiliar with the sight of a huge fan trying to make their way on the field during a game. It usually ends with security running after the fan. Sometimes these events can get a bit of hilarious when the fan has a few tricks and ducks of his own, leading to a few security guards ducking and diving to catch the fan. Who doesn’t love a bit of drama? Especially if you get a laugh out of it.

However recently during  in the middle of a professional soccer match in Brazil,  spectators where surprised by the grazed fan who decided to take the field this time. The very unexpected contender randomly decided to take to the field. A cute local possum seized the spotlight when he made his appearance on field and didn't seem too bothered about getting all the attention. 

In light of the adorable interruption, the organisers had to pause the match.

But no one in the stadium seemed to mind that the soccer game was paused as everyone couldn’t stop starring at the cute site. The possum waddled his way across the field and the crowd certainly went wild.

After a while all good things had to come to an end, and the cute possum was safely escorted off the field. In any other case he would have been another possum, but clearly do to the uproar of the crowd, this little guy left a star.

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