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Ron Nessman had just been in a stressful interview on Applebee when he spotted a scary event unfolding. A toddler rolled toward traffic in a stroller  and the person trying to rescue the child was unable to catch  the stroller. Nessman joined the fray, ran to the sidecar and miraculously saved the child before tragedy could occur. 

Everything that happened was captured by surveillance cameras. A woman with a pram then realises that the child is rolling away and immediately tries to catch up with it. But when she grabs the handle, she falls and cannot get up. At that moment Nessman appears, stops the carriage and tells the woman that everything is fine. Nessman was in the right place at the right time for the miracle to happen. After an interview with a restaurant, he sat on a bench in front of the A1 car wash in Hesperia, California. "I couldn't live with myself if I didn't do anything," he explained of the event.  

A few days after the miraculous rescue, Nessman received a call saying he'd landed a job washing dishes at Applebee's. The general director of the restaurant said that the man earned everything himself. But if his willingness to act is a testament to his honesty, it's no wonder he was offered the job. 

 For Nessman, this means a new beginning. He is a former truck driver who became homeless after the death of his girlfriend  in 2018. His move to Hesperia is the start of a new page, and the Applebee is part of that new beginning.

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