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Members of the Writers Guild of America went on strike for the first time in 15 years on 2 May. The strike began the day after the previous contract expired, when, among other things, negotiations about payment and the residual value of the streaming failed.

The strike's impact was felt immediately, as late-night talk shows began repeats and the MTV Movie & TV Awards canceled the live portion of their show after host Drew Barrymore and other presenters pulled out in solidarity. 

Experiencing strikes in Hollywood is not uncommon, in fact this strike will be the eight WGA strike since the 1950s. The last program, which began in late 2007, ran for 100 days and ensured authors received a share of the revenue when their content made it onto the web. Rapid shifts in how we consume media are also at the heart of this strike, as streaming leftovers have been a major sticking point. 

The strike made headlines across the country and even some places in the world with many people supporting our creative writers. The strike has also reached a little classroom which immediately shared their support. According to film and television writer Tyler Ruggieri, a sixth grader in Los Angeles found out about the strike and wanted to show his support.

Ruggeri shared encouraging letters  he and other authors received from students at St. Timothy's Private School in Century City. The letters were delivered to a picket line outside  Fox and certainly lifted everyone's spirits. Comments ranged from: "Writers rule!" to the very timely and wise: "I hope you are considered better than AI." And all encouraged them to keep fighting by telling them: "Keep thinking about the goal". and "Continue."

As the strike enters its third week, the list of productions that have failed due to a lack of writers on set continues to grow. It was announced that the final season of Stranger Things would not start filming until after the strike, as the creators stated that "the writing doesn't stop once filming begins." Other popular shows such as Abbott Elementary, Unstable and Yellowjackets have also either closed their writers' rooms or halted production due to the strike. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, the 2007-2008 strike cost the California economy $2 billion, so in everyone's interest, we hope everyone can sit down at the negotiating table and reach a fair settlement sooner rather than later.

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