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When adorable Pax and his parents, Emily and Justin Thomas moved into their new home in 2020 which had a huge new yard for Pax to play in. Pax was so excited to have a big yard to run around and was also happy to be able to meet new families. However, once the neighbours brought home their new puppy named Penny, it was love at first sight.

“When Pax and Penny met in March of 2021, she was only around 3 months old, but even then they played well together. Our neighbours decided to fence their yard too, and they put in a gate at the back so we would be prepared for playdates! Pax started looking for her every time he went outside, and as soon as she could reach the top of the fence, we would look out the window to see them greeting each other and ‘kissing’ over it every day.”

Since the two met, Pax and Penny has greeted each other and shared kisses over the fence every single time they’re both outside. The two absolutely loves each other’s company and love sharing toys over the fence too. The two has even invented their own way of playing tug-of-war over the fence together with a rope toy. It was like nothing could keep them apart, except for when it started snowing.

“While Pax loves the snow and will lay outside in a pile of it as long as we’ll let him, Penny is not a fan of snow or rain. When we got a lot of snow in the past few weeks, she was not pleased and didn’t really want to go outside. We noticed him standing at the fence a lot, staring at their back door, clearly missing her.”

Poor Pax was absolutely heartbroken that his best friend Penny wasn’t at their usual spot to greet him. Sweet Pax couldn’t understand why he and his best friend are suddenly apart. Penny’s parents noticed how sad Pax was being separated from Penny, so they knew they had to come up with a plan.

Her parents then decided to shovel a path way for Penny from the house to the fence with hopes that she will feel more comfortable with the snow to go outside. Off course Penny was hesitant at first, but being too excited to finally see her best friend Pax, she made her way to their usual spot to finally be reunited.

Watch the sweet video of the two here: https://www.tiktok.com/@derpderppax/video/7056432441195728174?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

After a while when Penny saw that Pax was fine with being in the snow, she suddenly became Ok with it too. Not only did she have a best friend, but her best friend helped her overcome all of her fears. “They were super excited to see each other, and once she had Pax to motivate her, she dove right in. They’ve had play dates in the snow almost every day since!”

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