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When it came to who was taking number one during a recent soccer match in Chile, a pup couldn’t help but make that very clear. During the game between teams Colo-Colo and Curico Union, while it was still tied 0-0, things suddenly got quite a bit more interesting.

Without any warning a random pup ran onto the pitch looking very excited while jogging amongst the befuddled players like a little sports star himself. Little did they now, he was going to steal the show.

Quickly after the made his appearance the referee blew his whistle, bringing the match to a halt. However that didn’t stop the action. After ducking and diving several attempts at catching him, the energetic pup came to a pause. Then, after capturing the camera and the crowd’s full attention, he got his spot and left his mark. Literally. He clearly had the number one first.

After finishing his business in front of an audience, he simply wandered off back to his normal dog ventures. No one knows exactly where the pup came from, but it is now clear that that random pup is the proud owner of a piece in a sports stadium in Chile.

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