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While waiting in her car for her husband, Katie Rogerscar has an unlikely visit. She was waiting outside her house in South Lake Tahoe, California, when she suddenly noticed a visitor close by. At first she thought was the neighbour’s dog hanging out behind the car, which wasn’t a big deal. However it soon became a different story when she realised it wasn’t the neighbour’s dog. And in fact, it was something a bit bigger.

“At first glance, I noticed one of the neighbours standing ahead of my car looking like he was out for a walk with his dog. But his face had a peculiar expression and he pointed towards the ‘dog’ I originally thought was sniffing around my car, and I realised it was in fact one of the local bear cubs.”

The neighbour were gently trying to scare the bear away from traffic, where he would be safe. However the curious cub had a different agenda planned, as he kept exploring everything around him.

“The Tahoe bears are extremely used to humans and I saw them almost every week during the years I lived there. Most times they are easily frightened off with clapping, yelling, whatever. I have even used my best ‘disappointed mom’ voice with some success!”

After some necessary exploring, the sweet cub went back on his own route, but did manage to come back later that day to further investigate the couple’s dumpster. Maybe to find a well deserved snack of two.

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