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Sullivan and Sampson are two dog brothers who enjoy various of activities together. However, there is one activity in particular that these brothers have the totally opposite feeling about. Water.

Theresa Milke, the duo’s mom, explained that adorable Sullivan has a thing for all things water. “Sullivan is an avid swimmer in our pool and out in the nearby lakes and rivers. He loves to chase ducks and beavers that are swimming in the water. Sampson, however, just isn't a fan of water in general, he will go in a lake or river but only up to his chest and only if his paws will touch bottom. He will get on a pool float and float around in our pool but that's about it.”

However despite their different love for swimming and water, these two has one thing they definitely agree on. Neither of them loves bath time. And even though sweet Sullivan loves swimming, when it comes to baths, that love gets buried deep down below. He hates baths just as much as his brother Sampson does. The two has even mastered a plan to get out of them -  or so they think.

“I have no idea why it is that they aren't fans of bath time, probably just because they like to be dirty.”

The moment the two pups realise that their mom is getting everything ready for them to get a bath, they usually have a way of trying to get out of it by planting themselves firmly on a bed or couch and simply refuse to move. However, there are times when they realise it too late and their clever mom already made sure that they are trapped in the bathroom. These times call for some more creative quick thinking to try and escape. But it seems the two brothers got that figured out. 

While the two dogs were locked in the bathroom with their mom who is getting everything ready to bath them, the two pup found the funniest spot to hide. “When I turned around to tell one of them to get in the tub, this is what I saw both of them hiding behind the robes. I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording and couldn't stop laughing. When I removed the robes they had the ‘Oh crap’ look in their eyes.” 

Watch the sweet video of Sampson and Sullivan pretending to be invisible: https://www.tiktok.com/@sullydoodleandsampson/video/6906657342457122053?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc

But the pups plan didn’t work out as they hoped for, but Milke had to give the dogs points for their creativity. Sullivan and Sampson still try to hide whenever they hear it is bath time, despite them not succeeding.

“Typically it's Sullivan hiding behind Sampson and it takes much coaxing to get Sullivan in the tub. Sampson has taken the stance that Sullivan has to go first and then he will reluctantly get in the tub.” But once the two are in the bath, everything following goes pretty smoothly. However, that doesn’t stop these two from hiding for the next bath that’s coming. Neither us or Milke will complain, as these two’s bath time hiding adventures are hysterical and adorable. 

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