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How alike are these doppelgängers, who are complete strangers, could they be closer than actual twins? Let's find out!

Did you know that, according to smart scientists, there are around seven other people in the world that look like you? A tiny number, for sure, considering there are around 7.8 billion people around the globe.

7.8 billion is a staggering number but, what's more unbelievable, is that people who live on different continents, thousands of kilometres apart, can look almost identical.

In this short documentary, called My Twin Stranger, seven sets of doppelgängers come together in London's Department of Twin Research in St Thomas' Hospital, for a series of tests.

Before we get to that, though, let's see how this all came about. Professor Tim Spector, one of the world's leading experts in twins, was intrigued by the world of doppelgängers when a picture of two ginger-haired strangers posted a selfie on Twitter.

That, in itself, isn't that interesting. The fact that they looked like identical twins who were taking a flight together, even though they had never met before, is what intrigued the professor.

He was intrigued with the idea, saying that "two people, with very different genes, could come together through a whole series of biological events to create the impression of being a clone, I think, is absolutely fascinating".

So, professor Spector, with the help of science, biology, photography, and 100 random people off the street, decided to find out which of the seven pairs of strangers were the most identical.

What you'll see in the video below is an amalgamation of scientific testing, DNA testing, 3D modelling and the emotional connections that humans make in determining why two people can look so alike.

It's a fascinating trip into the world of doppelgängers, and some of the results will have you amazed. So, without giving the winners away, check out the video by YouTubers, Origin, below on finding the most identical strangers.

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