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To celebrate 10-years of epic entertainment on YouTube, Dude Perfect has released a documentary called Backstage Pass, and it is excellent.

We've featured Dude Perfect videos numerous time on Spoonfeedz, but this one is special. You see, they've been entertaining fans for 10-years, and to celebrate, they decided to take their show on the road for the first time.

Now, if you still don't know who Dude Perfect (DP) is, then you probably spend too much time watching the Kardashian's. DP is five guys and a panda, and they mix sports with comedy, delivering shows on YouTube that have been seen 1,5-billion times collectively. They have 51,2-million subscribers, feature famous celebrities and even have an iPhone game.

As their description says, "Best known for trick shots, stereotypes, battles, bottle flips, ping pong shots and all around competitive fun, Dude Perfect prides ourselves in making the absolute best family-friendly entertainment possible!"

It's incredible to think that they went from doing trick shots with a basketball in a garden to performing on stage in front of thousands of adoring Dude Perfect fans. Their performance includes all aspects of their numerous YouTube Channels, from trick shots to challenges, lots of light-hearted humour, and even get the crowd involved.

Their shows are epic, as you can guess, but the documentary of their journey is even better. That's what this video is about. From their early beginnings, when they first met up, to the college years and the trials and tribulations of working actual jobs, getting married, having kids and living in different cities. It explores their religious faith, and their commitment to charities, especially those for sick or underprivileged children.

All-in-all, this documentary is superb. Just five young guys and a panda living the dream and sharing their experiences with the world. I suggest you get yourself a drink and some snacks, sit back and enjoy Dude Perfect: Backstage Pass.

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