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Dying is no laughing matter, but when you find out how some people managed to die, it becomes hilarious.

Michael Goodwin was handed the death sentence, but soon afterwards his sentence was commuted to life in prison. This meant that, even though Goodwin wouldn’t be killed, he would still spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Thanks to good behaviour, they allowed him to get a TV in his cell. Realising the TV wasn’t working, he decided to fix it himself by cutting the problematic wire with his teeth. You can imagine what happened next when that wire turned out to be a live wire and that he was touching a metal toilet while he was fixing the TV.

Goodwin electrocuted himself, even though he sidestepped the electric chair just a few years earlier.

Video gaming could mean sitting in front of a screen, for hours on end, with toilet and food breaks in between. Well, for normal folks, yes. For a guy in Korea, no. He was so absorbed by his video game that he refused to take food breaks for 50 hours straight. He only went to the toilet when he really couldn’t hold it anymore.

After the gaming marathon, his body gave in and he died due to heart failure and exhaustion. Seriously, was that game even worth it?

Watch the World List video below for these and other dumb ways that have people have died... and try not to make it onto this list, please?

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