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Artificial intelligence is everywhere these days. While this opens up interesting perspectives in the world of technology, it can also  potentially make life difficult for educators. For work submitted online, there is always an opportunity for an artificial intelligence chatbot to complete the  assignment for the student. One way to prevent this is to force students to submit handwritten copies, but  TikTok users have found a way around this. They used ChatGPT to complete this task and then programmed the 3D printer to record the answers  the AI ​​produced.

TikTok user 3d_printer_stuff shared a series of videos detailing how it all came together. It even includes a tutorial that shows you the same steps you need to take if you want to do your homework with technology.

The student started by opening  ChatGPT and entering a task into the program. We then instructed the AI ​​to write the task. When they were done, they went to another site called 3DWriter and copied the text there. After finding the right font and spacing for the sheet, place the lined paper in the 3D printer and write text on the lines like a human would. last step? “Enjoy the time you save,” said 3d_printer_stuff.

This may seem like a clever oversimplification, but it's important to recognise how detrimental this can be to  education. If the point of your homework is  extra practice outside of class, using this auto-assignment method will only harm your future self and internalise the  class concept. Some school districts have already acknowledged possible fraud and have banned ChatGPT as a result. The New York City Department of Education has restricted access to the program on school networks and devices, voicing concerns about "potential disruption to  student learning."
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