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Dogs don't usually like postmen, but Sao Paulo dogs make an exception for friendly local postal worker Angelo Cristiano da Silva Antunes. He is known on social media by the pseudonym "Carteiro Amigo Dos Animais," which translates to "animal-friendly postman." Throughout his daily itinerary, Antunes takes  time to stop and say hello to the adorable dogs and cats he encounters along the way, and even snap a little selfie with them.

As most animal lovers know, sometimes it takes time to become friends with a dog or  cat. For this reason, Antunes patiently and gradually approaches each pet  to gain their trust. Today, Antunes is sharing photos of herself and her adorable pals online, revealing their undeniable bond. 
Every dog, from giant dogs to tiny puppies, seems to genuinely love Antunes. Photos of him show them licking his face and hugging him. Even the cats are imprinted and show him their affection.
Antunes is not only kind to animals, but  also helps people who are in urgent need of  medical attention. He often rescues sick cats and dogs and takes them to the local vet for treatment. Actually, Antunes  dreams of opening  his own animal shelter in the future in order to be able to help even more pets in need. 

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