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Life on Mount Everest is difficult to imagine, but there are several species that traverse the challenging terrain. Among them is a small species of  wild cat called the Manul cat, sometimes known as the Manul. Although sharing many similarities with the domestic house cat, this hardy feline is able to live at high altitudes and endure extreme temperatures. And the manul is not only  incredibly tenacious, but also extremely adorable.

With wide eyes and round pupils - an unusual trait for cats - he featured many comic faces in photographs. And its expressiveness is certainly enhanced by the fluffy grey fur that protects it from the cold and makes its head  twice as big. Despite its charming face, the Manul is a fierce hunter that can more than hold its own in the wild, climbing the steep rocky slopes with its short and strong legs.

Although the manul isn't always a brand new discovery, scientists had been unaware that it inhabited elements of Mount Everest till 2019. “It is exceptional to find out evidence of this uncommon and awesome species on the pinnacle of the world,” Dr. Tracie Seimon of Wildlife Conservation Society’s Zoological Health Program, says. “The almost four-week adventure turned into extraordinarily profitable now no longer only for our group however for the bigger clinical community.

The discovery of Pallas’s cat on Everest illuminates the wealthy biodiversity of this far off high-alpine environment and extends the regarded variety of this species to Japanese Nepal.” As scientists maintain to examine this uncommon feline, they wish that their studies will assist defend the manul and their environment.

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