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Last month a miracle happened in the Caribbean. A Dominican resident named Elvis Francois was rescued after being  at sea for nearly a month. The 47-year-old was working on his boat in Saint Martin when the weather changed. Unable to reach his friends, he realised all he could do was wait and make do with what he had on hand. "I had nothing to eat, just a bottle of ketchup that was on the boat, garlic powder and maggi [soup]," he said at the time.

After hearing his story about how he survived thanks to ketchup, Heinz  now searches for him in hopes of buying him a new boat.

After the man's search hit a dead end, the American firm turned to the entity that previously found the elusive individual: social media.Heinz posted a "message in a bottle" on Instagram. , asked for help finding the so-called "Ketchup Boat Guy." Heinz's team reflected on François' achievements, saying, "We need your help to find a great man with a great story." would like to congratulate him on his safe return  and help him buy a new boat...but we can't seem to find him."

A week after the original post asking  for help was published, the search continued online. Heinz posted two more pictures after her first statement; One explains that François could be in any of Dominica's 18 towns and 53 villages, while the other explains that they contacted the Dominica government  and the Colombian Navy, who rescued him. They encountered several imitators, but not François. But Heinz does not give up. "We know it's still there," the company says.

As the search continues, some Dominican commentators note that carnival celebrations are currently taking place in the country. So, on the first day of Lent, they can be lucky. "Good call! We'll find him on Wednesday," Heinz replied  to a post, adding a crying face emoji.

To keep up to date with François' quest and  when he'll finally get his boat, which the company says will be fitted with a state-of-the-art navigation system to keep him from getting lost again, follow Heinz on Instagram.

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