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Many music fans dream of seeing their favourite singer perform live. But one woman, Annemarie Schmidt, had a better dream. Not only did he meet Ed Sheeran in a social setting, but he also shared the spotlight with him. During the acoustic portion of his set, Sheeran found the girl in harmony with him. Satisfied with his voice and his talent, the singer invites him on stage to sing with him.

The scary moment happened during a show at the Admiralspalast, a 1,756-seat theatre in Berlin. Sheeran usually performs at sold-out venues but decided to perform at smaller venues before the release of his debut album. Towards the end of his set, consisting mainly of unreleased songs, he decided to perform the folk song "The Parting Glass" and he played "Afterglow". As the 10 p.m. curfew came closer, he performed acapella on a small platform surrounded by fans, including Schmidt. Sheeran has found that when he sings the first verse of a song, it harmonises the theme and adds a nice layer to the song. "While singing 'Afterglow' as part of the encore in Berlin, I heard [Annemarie] harmonising with me and decided to bring her to finish the song with me," Sheeran wrote on Instagram. “It was unplanned and it completely destroyed him. I am happy and proud that you did this special promotion with me.”

For Schmidt, this was a wish come true. “Sometimes you have dreams that are so unrealistic that you don’t say them out loud,” she said, reflecting on the moment. “And then suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it becomes real and you can’t believe how lucky you are. I am very happy and proud,” she said.

After this meeting, Schmidt began his musical career. It was recently announced that she would appear in the final season of the German version of The Voice. Hopefully, she'll have big dreams of one day going on stage with her.

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