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Pets can transform the lives of people of all ages. A man posted on Reddit  a heartfelt  letter he received from a neighbour who's been babysitting his pets for a short  time. It describes how three animals - Smokey, Oreo and Jennifer - helped him recover from the  loneliness and isolation of a solitary life. 

"As you know, I am an old man," wrote a man named Robert in the letter. “You don't see me on the street anymore because these places aren't as nice as they used to be. In addition, my father was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer two years ago, at the height of the pandemic. After his death I stayed home alone. I  have neither wife nor children. 

His age and lack of social contact also affected his mental health. However, when  pets came into his life, he felt like his whole everyday life changed. "Your pets are the cutest, funniest,  most annoying people (in a good way, don't worry, they haven't messed up the house too much!)" he adds. “You gave me the motivation to start life all over again. I started waking up early in the morning. For the first time in many years, I took your pets outside for a walk.” 

Besides the fact that the pets pet each other, the dogs also brought human interaction back into Robert's life. "I was so happy to finally be able to talk to friends again, interact with other people, and feel  part of humanity," he continues. At the end of the letter he says that being petted inspired him to get two dogs to keep him company. "Now I regularly take them for walks in the park and talk to the  friends I made there."

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