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There are not many cars in this worlds that are as iconic as the red Ferrari. Many children grow up with toy models of this amazing car some imagining they have their own. Now LEGOLAND has made that possible for the little ones and adults in a very unique way only they know how.  A new exhibit at LEGOLAND Billund Resort in Denmark called Build and Race is a life size replica of the Ferrari Monza SP1 built from 383,610 LEGO bricks.  

The amazing Lego sculpture bears an uncanny resemblance to the original sports car. However, unlike the real car, this version features a unique rib structure due to the thousands of bricks stacked on top of each other. The hood, headlights and even the controls are all made out of LEGO. The original steering wheel and set of rubber tires bring this car to life. Given the number of elements involved, it's no wonder the rig weighs over 2,900 pounds.

The Build and Race exhibit also includes interactive rides in addition to this stunning design piece, where guests can build their very own LEGO Ferrari, albeit on a much smaller scale. LEGOLAND will even scan  amateur cars and place them on a virtual version of the Ferrari-Fiorano test track. This exhibition opened in Denmark on May 18th and will open in summer 2023 at LEGOLAND UK.
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