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When two popular legends in their respective fields team up to promote something, you know it's going to be good.

That's exactly the result we got when tennis legend, Roger Federer, teamed up with Hollywood legend, Robert De Niro, in Switzerland's tourism authority's latest marketing campaign.

With Federer being his calm and collected self, he gets a call from a dramatic De Niro turning down the chance to star in a movie about Switzerland. The mood video features a variety of stunning scenery that you can see and experience in Switzerland but, for De Niro, it's just not enough.

The actor is known for starring in some pretty badass thrillers and dramas, with the odd comedy thrown into the mix as well. So, why would De Niro decline the offer to star in a movie about Federer's beautiful home country?

"There's no drama! No drama at all. Switzerland is just too perfect."

Even with the comments from De Niro, Federer accepts it in his stride. And there's another thing that bothers the actor. He confronts Federer, and says to him, "instead of being nice, sometimes just say f*^k you".

Watch the My Switzerland video below for the hilarious conversation between Federer and De Niro on why Switzerland is just too nice because there's no drama. Oh yes, and listen out for the punchline at the end...

Image credit: Newswep

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