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Amy Schumer hasn't ever been one to submit to society's ideals of the perfect woman. She constantly shocks audiences with her uncensored, brash humour that has created quite a large following. But this time, it seems that the public is having none of it! Her new movie, "I feel pretty" recently premiered on "The Ellen Show" but audiences did not take it so well.

The movie is supposed to make a comment on society's obsession with attractive, skinny women and how these unrealistic ideals cause women to have low self-confidence. This typical narrative starts off with the underconfident character played by Schumer, called Renee but, after suffering a head injury, suddenly wakes up feeling beautiful and gains all the confidence in the world. She thinks about pursuing a modelling career, conquering the world and loving herself.

While her intentions may have been commenting on the unrealistic standards of society, the public feels that the fact that she has to hit her head in order to get this self-confidence. It hints towards the fact that women are not able to have this confidence unless they literally hit their head. The public also feel that the movie is unrealistic as Schumer does, in fact, meet society's standards as a blonde, white, straight, smaller-sized female. Comedian, Sofie Hagen commented on the movie on Twitter saying:
"So the new Amy Schumer movie is about a woman who is half an inch from being conventionally Hollywood attractive (but rest-of-the-world attractive) who thinks she's rest-of-the-world-attractive? I have never been more confused in my life." She said that she feels that Schumer's confidence is used at the joke but why should self-confidence be treated as a joke. Many people also had an issue with Schumer making fun of being "unattractive".

Schumer hasn't actually commented on the negative feedback but stated in interviews that she believes the movie will be empowering for women and that: "[Feeling bad about yourself and the way you look] disables you, you want to hide, it doesn't let you live to your potential," Schumer said. "And that's what we want the most from women right now, you have so much potential, you can do anything, we need you to lead and they feel held back."

There is still a large portion of die-hard fans that support its sentiment but true judgement can only take place after the full movie has been released in June 2018.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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