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Flipbooks are a popular educational toy among children. Draw a stick figure on the edge of a legal pad or sticky notepad and put it back again and again, and you can see your drawing in motion. These crafts are more than just light entertainment, they are the essence of continuous art production and an interesting way to tell a story. When animation became a well-known art form in the 20th century, archaeologists found the earliest example of animation in his 5,000-year-old Iranian chalice, which depicts horned creatures and tall plants. did. The ship was discovered in modern-day Iran's 'burnt city' of Shahreh Sukhte, capturing the public's imagination.

Scenes painted around the ship depict wild goats, possibly Persian desert ibex, or Persian wild goats, also known as  Capra aegagrus. It stands on its four legs, approaches tall plants to nibble, and runs and jumps to reach tall leaves. As the jar rotates repeatedly, it theoretically repeats this pattern, pleasing the viewer. This "moving image" was discovered during a large-scale excavation at Chalet Sucte in the 1970s, but was not found for some time.

The location where the amazing discovery of the Iran Ship and the vase were discovered, was known as important site in the early days of a  complex civilisation. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site for the astonishing ruins of an adobe city that emerged at the crossroads of an important trade route. The development has been described as "an outstanding example of early urban planning". Other Bronze Age vessels decorated with geometric paintings were also found at the site. Excavations are ongoing and a burial site has also been discovered. The ship and its iconic animation are now in the collection of the  National Museum of Iran.

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