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Sloths are considered very slow and even lazy people. But like any other animal, they must do whatever it takes to survive. A camera set up in the Amazon rainforest captured the "fight-or-flight" response of a sloth attacked by an ocelot. As seen in the footage, the seemingly peaceful sloth was ready to strike and fight for its life. The video was captured by a camera trap installed by the Fundación Proyecto Primates at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In the video, a two-toed sloth lies quietly on a saladero, a mineral slime that allows animals to feed on mineral-rich soil. The biggest threat to sloths visiting these bodies of water is predators, and this sloth was unlucky enough to cross one of them. 

The ocelot appears out of nowhere and tries to bite the sloth from behind. With unusual speed, the furry mammal fights back against the cat, who seems confused by the sloth's resistance. The video then shows the sloth crossing a log to avoid the forest floor. The ocelot, feeling that his mission is not yet complete, continues to pursue the other creature. The sloth recognises the danger and fends off the predator with several punches. Knowing he won't win this time, the ocelot leaves the picture. The public isn't the only one surprised by the unfolding of this video. Even scholars are amazed. Professor Anthony Di Fiore, who studies primates in Ecuador, said: "This is a very interesting video because it's one of the few instances where a two-toed sloth has appeared on our camera trap video, and it's an ocelot. It's the only time it's appeared," he said. Amazon region, according to UT News. “Both two-toed sloths and ocelots are difficult animals to study. They are silent, elusive, and difficult to spot and observe in the wild.” 

Will there be a rematch between these two? Or will the sloth finally be able to make a peaceful journey to the mineral-licking grounds? One thing's for certain: Ocelot and those who watch the video will think twice about calling sloths "slow and lazy" the next time they see them.

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